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Alice: Hi, Bob! How are you doing today?

Bob: I\’m good, thanks. How about you?

Alice: I\’m good too. What brings you here today?

Bob: I\’m looking for a new pair of shoes. What about you?

Alice: I\’m looking for a new top to wear to a party tonight. Have you seen any good shoe stores?

Bob: Yes, there\’s a great store on the second floor. They have a lot of trendy shoes.

Alice: Thanks for the recommendation. Do you want to come with me to check out some tops?

Bob: Sure, I\’d love to.




Tom: So, Jerry, what are your plans for the summer vacation?

Jerry: I plan to go to Australia to visit my cousin.

Tom: Wow, that sounds great! Have you booked your tickets already?

Jerry: No, not yet. I\’m still looking for the best deal.

Tom: Well, have you considered going to Europe instead? I heard there are a lot of beautiful places to visit there.

Jerry: Yeah, I\’ve thought about it, but I\’ve always wanted to see Australia. What about you, Tom? Do you have any plans?

Tom: Actually, I\’m thinking about going to Japan. I\’ve always been interested in Japanese culture.

Jerry: That sounds interesting. Have you started planning yet?

Tom: Yeah, I\’ve already booked my tickets and I\’m researching some good places to visit.





Lily: Hi, Lucas. Nice to meet you.

Lucas: Nice to meet you too, Lily. Thank you for coming to the meeting today.

Lily: My pleasure. So, I understand that our two companies have some potential for cooperation. Can you tell me more about it?

Lucas: Of course. We are interested in expanding our business your country, and we believe that your company has a good reputation in the market.

Lily: Thank you for your kind words. We are also interested in exploring new opportunities, and we hope that we can work together for a win-win situation.

Lucas: That sounds great. Let\’s discuss the details further after the meeting.





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