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1. 在英语口语学习中,对话场景的练习是非常重要的一环。下面,将为大家呈现一段英语口语对话场景,两人耗时三分钟。

2. 两位主角是Kate和John。Kate是一名英国人,John则是一名来自美国的留学生。他们在学校图书馆里偶遇,并开始交流彼此的英语口语水平。

3. Kate: Hi there! My name is Kate. Are you studying here too?

John: Oh, hi! Yes, I’m a student in the English department.

Kate: That’s great! Your English sounds really good.

John: Thank you! Actually, I’m still struggling with some grammar and vocabulary.

Kate: Don’t worry. Practice makes perfect. Do you want to practice with me a bit?

John: Sure, I’d love that.

Kate: Ok. Let’s start with some basics. How would

you say “我想去看电影”?

John: Hmm… I want to go see a movie?

Kate: Perfect! Now, how about “我们应该早点睡觉”?

John: We should go to bed early?

Kate: Excellent! You’re getting better already.

John: Thanks to your help. Your accent sounds really authentic. Do you

have any tips for improving mine?

Kate: Yes, listening to and repeating native speakers is the best way. And don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just keep practicing, and you’ll get better over time.

John: I’ll definitely take your advice. Thanks again, Kate.

Kate: No problem. It was nice meeting you.


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