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1. 面试口语对话:
A:Hello, nice to meet you. I\’m here for the interview.
B:Hello, nice to meet you too. Please have a seat.
A:Thank you.
B:Could you briefly introduce yourself?
A:Sure. My name is John Doe. I have a bachelor\’s degree in Business Administration and three years of working experience in marketing.

2. 工作交流口语对话:
A:Excuse me, can you help me with this project?
B:Of course, I\’d be happy to assist you.
A:Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.
B:No problem, we\’re a team and we support each other.

3. 会议口语对话:
A:Good morning, everyone. Let\’s get started.

B:Good morning. What\’s the agenda for today\’s meeting?
A:We\’ll begin with a review of the last meeting\’s minutes, then move on to the next item on the agenda.
B:Sounds good. Let\’s proceed accordingly.

4. 日常交流口语对话:
A:Hey, have you finished the report?
B:No, I\’m still working on it. I need some more time.
A:Okay, take your time. Just let me know when it\’s done.
B:Will do. Thanks for understanding.

5. 提出建议口语对话:
A:I have an idea. What if we implement a new marketing strategy?
B:That sounds interesting. Can you give me more details?
A:Sure. I think we should focus more on social media advertising and collaborate with influencers.
B:I see. Let\’s discuss it further and see if it\’s feasible.




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