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A: Can you suggest some popular tourist attractions in Yunnan?(你能推荐一些云南热门旅游景点吗?)
B: Of course. There are many beautiful places in Yunnan. Have you heard of the Stone Forest?It\’s a must-see in Kunming.(当然了。云南有很多美丽的地方。你听说过石林吗?那是昆明必去的景点。)
A: No, I haven\’t. What else do you recommend?(不知道,还有什么推荐吗?)
B: Lijiang Old Town and Dali Ancient City are also very famous and worth visiting for their ancient architecture and local customs.(丽江古城和大理古城也非常有名,值得去看看古代建筑和当地的习俗。)


A: Is there any information office of Yunnan tourism nearby?(这附近有没有云南旅游信息咨询处?)
B: Yes, there

is one just across the street.(有,就在街对面。)
A: Can you tell me about the opening hours of the museums in Kunming?(你能告诉我昆明博物馆开放的时间吗?)
B: Sure. The Kunming Museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.(当然了。昆明博物馆周二到周日开放,上午9点至下午5点。)


A: How can I get to Lugu Lake from Kunming?(我该怎么从昆明去泸沽湖?)
B: You can take a bus from Kunming West Bus Station to Lijiang first, then transfer to another bus to Lugu Lake in Lijiang Bus Station.(你可以先从昆明西部汽车站坐车去丽江,然后在丽江客运站转汽车到泸沽湖。)
A: How long does it take?(要多久?)
B: It takes about 8 hours by bus in total.(总共约需要8小时。)


A: Can I use WeChat to pay for tickets to the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden?(我可以用微信付费西双版纳热带植物园的门票吗?)
B: Yes, you can. It\’s very convenient. But first, you need to connect your WeChat account with your bank card.(可以的。非常方便。但是你需要先用微信账户绑定你的银行卡。)
A: I lost my

passport. What should I do?(我把护照弄丢了,该怎么办?)
B: You need to go to the local police station and report the loss. They will provide you with a certificate of loss. Then you can apply for a new passport at your embassy or consular office.(你需要去当地派出所报失。他们会给你出具一份证明。然后你可以到你的大使馆或领事馆办理新的护照。)


A: What is the fastest way to go back to Beijing from Kunming?(从昆明回北京最快的方式是什么?)
B: Taking a flight is the fastest way. There are many flights from Kunming to Beijing every day.(坐飞机是最快的方式。昆明每天都有很多航班飞往北京。)
A: Thank you for your help during my trip to Yunnan.(感谢你在我云南之行中的帮助。)
B: You are welcome. I hope you had a great time in Yunnan and I\’m looking forward to your next visit.(不客气。希望你在云南玩得开心,期待你的下次来访。)



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